Boosting the Efficiency of Energy in Your Apartment

Boosting the Efficiency of Energy in Your Apartment

There are many ways that a tenant can boost the efficiency of his or her apartment. This is a task that does not need to generate fear or apprehension especially when such a tenant is residing in apartments for rent in oklahoma city. The tips below would enable any tenant achieve these aims effortlessly.

Clean up the refrigerator:

At least twice every year, it would be appropriate to disconnect the fridge from the wall and vacuum clean the coils which are located underneath and behind it. It has been observed that over a long period of usage, debris like cooking grease, pet hair, and dust gunk up these coils and thereby keeping them from efficiently functioning. If we consider that the fridge is one of the largest hogs of energy in the apartment, any tenant would want to ensure that it is functioning as properly as possible. However, this is not an activity that is full of fun. But it can still be accomplished. Also, every tenant must understand that a refrigerator which is full is more efficient that one which is empty. So when you are really not too sure, just stock up your refrigerator.

Make use of light bulbs which are efficient:

There is really no other alternative to this activity. Nowadays there are only super – efficient light bulbs in the market because the old bulbs of Edison are now consigned to the past. Prior to when you want to purchase a LED or CFL bulb, think of what type of fixture it is going to be in, what room it is going to be installed, and what type of light that you need.

Power strips usage is advised and should be turned off whenever they are not being utilized:

A lot of tenants fail to realize that even when their appliances are not turned on, they still tend to consume power as long as they remain plugged to any socket. The concept is known as “vampire power” and is responsible for an additional hundreds of dollars in energy costs yearly. However, in order to guard against its occurrence, every tenant must build the habit of turning off their power strips whenever they are no longer in use, like when you are leaving for work or just before you retire for the night. Getting the power strip turned off completely gets the supply of power disconnected and this is a money saver. Always bear in mind that if any device like a DVR is still in standby mode of functionality, you’ll need to leave it plugged.

Get your water heater wrapped up:

Insulating jackets which are designed for heaters of water can be purchased online or from any home improvement store for a couple of dollars. By following the simple instructions you can get it secured around your water heater. This added insulation will increase the retention of heat thereby ensuring that your water heater is not utilizing too much energy to heat up your water.

Ensure the windows are taken care of:

Every tenant would love to have huge, fanciful windows for brightening up their apartments. These windows have a tendency of leaking whenever they get old, and thereby allowing cold drafts to seep into the apartment. If there are gaps, contact your landlord or the apartment maintenance crew to caulk them up.

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