Drone footage reveals close call with plane landing in Las Vegas

Drone footage reveals close call with plane landing in Las Vegas

Feb. 4 (UPI) — Video has emerged online that appears to show a drone flying dangerously close to a commercial jetliner landing at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

The owner and operator of the drone has yet to be identified. Recklessly operating a drone could warrant a fine of $1,437. But according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the addition of federal charges could push a fine to $250,000. Jail time is also a possibility.

While online commenters have decried the drone flyer’s reckless behavior, some experts have suggested the footage is fake.

"When the drone finishes its test turn and comes back around and looks level to the airplane, we notice that the flaps are not fully engaged," drone instructor Chris Cernuto told LasVegasNow, a CBS affiliate.

Cernuto said it’s also possible the footage is real. If it is, Cernuto said the behavior goes against everything the drone community stands for.

Drone regulations prohibit drones from flying above 400 feet. Drones are also prohibited from entering airspace near airports.

One expert said getting too close to an airplane could cause problems.

"You know, if he was to hit the plane or there were any transmission signals that could interfere with that plane, he could honestly jam something in the plane, anything could happen," Steven Williams, who works for Alpha Drone, told KTNV.

Both the Federal Aviation Administration and local police are investigating the incident. The FBI was also made aware of the video.

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