Getting your apartment set for the summertime

Getting your apartment set for the summertime

A lot of tenants are not too proactive when it comes to getting set for the upcoming summertime season. During spring, they would be lost in the enjoyment of flower planting and keeping away of sweaters which are heavy and bulky. They are busy relishing spring’s warmth, forgetting that not too far away is the blazing heat of summer. And when these temperatures that soar come along, such tenants find that their apartments in Oklahoma uncomfortable and unbearable for habitation.

Just like the rains, the heat of summer cannot be avoided. However, your apartment can be readied in anticipation of the searing heat ahead. If you desire to remain cucumber cool during that period of excessive heat, put the following tips into practice.

Get a stock of a lot of ice:

Even if it means that you have to make ice using the old-fashioned way of using cube trays or perhaps your fridge has automatic ice makers, you would need plenty of ice by your side when the heat of summer arrives. The body temperature is readily cooled down by the drinking of beverages that are ice-cold. This is why it is necessary to ensure that your ice maker, freezer and/or refrigerator are all in perfect working order.

The direction of the ceiling fans should be changed:

In order to get a room cooled down, the ceiling fan must be rotating in a counter-clockwise movement. This would get the air pushed downwards, and a wind chill effect would be created which would feel cooler by as much as 4 degrees lower than what the room is. An easy and energy-efficient way to maintain the apartment in a state of being much cooler is by creating this breeze. During the winter, the fan would be rotated clockwise in order to enable warm air which collects at the room top to circulate. Where there is no ceiling fan in your apartment, it is necessary to inform your crew for maintenance to get it installed for you. Even though the cost of purchase might be borne by you, the mounting on the ceiling should be performed by them.

Clean Up the dryer vents:

Everyone already knows that after each load of laundry the lint trap should be cleaned out properly. But not everyone realizes that there is the need to clean the vent which gets excess air that is hot directed to the outside of the home at least twice yearly. If a tenant fails to do this, the risk of getting a hazard of fire created and some hot air which should be sent outside could rather get blown back into the apartment.

It is quite simple and easy to get the vent cleaned.

  • Get the dryer unplugged and pulled away from the wall
  • Get the clamps which attach the dryer to the vent loosened and separated
  • Make use of the vacuum cleaner hose attachment to suck in the lint that is in excess and all the debris that was collecting in the vent

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