How to Take Care of the Apartment You Rented On?

How to Take Care of the Apartment You Rented On?

There are always many telltale signs to reveal that the fall season is here – orange leaves and the air being nip are some of them. As a tenant, it would be unwise to wait until outside is freezing to get your apartment ready. The tips below would enable any tenant boost the efficiency of their energy levels and keep your rental apartment based in Oklahoma City warm into spring.

Take care of the windows:

Every tenant loves pretty windows that are large in size in order to brighten their apartment. However, windows have a tendency to leak when they become old, thereby allowing cold drafts to seep into the apartment. If there are gaps, check with your estate agent to see if they can be caulked or have the maintenance team repair it for you.

You can also get the efficiency improved using coverings for the windows like curtains, blinds, and drapes. Ensure that they are closed at night time so that a barrier is created between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. And remember stripping of the weather. If you see a draft emitting from the windows, it has to be plugged. You can buy weather stripping that is cheap at your supermarket or store for home improvement, or you can choose to create your own stopper for draft.

Get your water heater wrapped:

You can purchase jackets for insulation which are designed for water heaters from online or any store for home improvements for not more than a couple of dollars. Simply abide by the instructions and get your water heater secured with the jacket. The additional insulation would enhance the retention of heat which would mean that your water heater would not have to make use of a lot of energy to get your water heater.

Utilize power strips and endeavor to off them when not being used:

Many tenants do not know that their devices and appliances utilize power once they are plugged in even when they are not put on. Also referred to as “vampire power” this process can cost any tenant at least a couple of hundreds of dollars in energy costs yearly. But this problem can be tackled by getting your power strips turned off whenever they are not in use, like when you leave the apartment to go out to work daily or when you want to sleep at night.

Utilize bulbs that are energy efficient:

There is really no choice in regards to this point. The old bulbs of Edison have for long been in the past and the only available light bulbs nowadays are efficient in a superb way. But before you purchase a LED or CFL bulb, review exactly what type of light you require, what room it is to be put into, and what type of fixture it has to go into.

Get your refrigerator cleaned:

Once in a year, it is necessary to get your refrigerator pulled away from the wall and get the coils underneath and behind vacuumed. Over a long period of time, cooking grease, pet hair, dust, and other forms of debris gunk they up which causes them not to efficiently function. Bearing in mind that a refrigerator is one of the largest hogs of energy in an apartment, you just need to keep it functioning smoothly always. Also note that a refrigerator that is full is much more efficient than one which is empty. Endeavour to stock up your fridges always.

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